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Our Story

Caffè Kami, was line of products presented in 1952 when the Roasting Company was opened by Remo Camilloni, in the historical center of Rome, via Nazionale n. 7.

At first the brand had only a single product, the decaffeinated ground coffee, but then the brand has developed and diversified towards a richer collection of products: adding the 1 kg beans line for the food service channel and the 250 grams ground pack for the home channel.

In 1996 the espresso pods were added; In 2006 it was the right time to introduce the 500 grams for the export markets, while in 2010, to satisfy the market demand, it was introduced the compatible espresso point Lavazza capsules. Finally, in 2016 it was introduced the production of Compatible Nespresso capsules.


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